Monday, December 27, 2010

BMW Goodies

Thanks to some very generous gifts, I was able to buy a bunch of goodies for the bikes this past weekend. I was very surprised today to come home and find two packages had already arrived!

The first is a Givi E189 top case plate for the BMW. This will allow me to use my existing V46 case! Look for the install write up of this later.

Givi e189 mount for bmw r1150gs

I also received these driving lights for the BMW. I want the bike to be more conspicuous to other road users. I also want to improve my night-time visibility. If they work out well, I’ll probably buy another set. They are very highly rated on advrider.

Pair of 24w 1500 lumen LED driving lights. 

The above are a pair of 24 watt LED driving lights which provide 1500 lumens of light. Each is the equivalent of a regular 55w motorcycle headlight. I plan on mounting them near the front beak and removing the existing driving lights since one is broken and the other mismatched. I will move the working light to the Ural to improve my visibility there. The LEDs are from ADV Monster. I will do a write up when I get around to installing them later this winter.

 Moving ural fairing to tighten mirror

The Ural’s left mirror has been giving me trouble. Some how it came loose over the weekend, and it was a huge pain to ride without a left mirror. I was constantly looking over my shoulder. No fun! To get the mirror tight again, I had to remove the Ural’s fairing, so it could spin tight on the handlebars. A quick 10 minute job.

Sidecar windshield folded back to stay warm and reduce buffeting

I folded the sidecar windshield back under the tonneau cover. The sidecar windshield keeps my wife warm, but I’m warmer without it.  It sits behind the main fairing and the air moving off of it goes directly into my right side.

Cafe covered in snow

The above will give you an idea of how much snow we’ve gotten in the last two weeks. More is on the way!


  1. Chris, that's a nice collection of farkle....looking forward to your review of the lights. Just remember, some cagers STILL won't see you....I've been cut off with high beam main headlight on and modulating....


    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

    Redleg's Rides

  2. Dom: Yes, I always ride like I'm invisible. I think the light triangle will still help. I still have a couple more on the way hehehe!

  3. Nice looking lights. Also looking forward to the review. I'm looking for lower wattage lights for daytime riding. Motolights seem a bit too expensive.


  4. RichardM: I gotta get them mounted up before I can review :) It'll be a few weeks. The fit and finish is nice.

  5. Chris:

    that's what I need, a pair of LED high power lights for mounting on my rotatable front forks as my main light is Fixed. Maybe that's the pair I need.

    Wet Coast Scootin

  6. At least you have something to do besides take the Ural out in the snow!

    Driving lights are on my list somewhere, too. I'll look forward to a review.

  7. Bob: The main light on my BMW is also fixed. I'm thinking of putting these on the forks, but the engine guard would be easier.

    irondad: I take my scooter out in the snow too! :) The list of projects I should be doing is also quite long. :\