Friday, December 31, 2010

A Review of 2010

I’ve been reflecting on 2010 since I started making the previous photo post and subsequent video post.

It made me realize a couple things. The first is that my wife was there with me for most of my fun adventures. I consider my self very lucky that my best friend was there to share the experience. She has been my biggest supporter. Thanks honey!

The second, I was also very fortunate to meet many other friendly riders and bloggers. The interactions with others on this blog (including YouTube, twitter, Facebook), have really made 2010 special. Thank you for your support and comments!

I spent some time looking at my 2009 review and 2010 goals. Here are some of the fun facts and adventures from 2010 in no particular order:

  • I can’t believe how many photos I took in 2010! I took over 9000 photos, most of them ended up on flickr.
  • I created over 100 hours of video. Most of which is still on my hard drive, but some made it to YouTube and vimeo as 58 published videos! This is mainly due to my purchase of the GoProHD and the Canon T2i.
  • For the geeks out there, that’s 376GB of content (photos & video)!
  • I published 156 posts (91 in 2009).
  • This blog has it’s first birthday, and I missed it. (Aug 6) I have a good excuse since it was the second day of the Great River Ride.
  • I did my second “big” trip. This time it was two-up on the trusty SV650. My wife and I rode 4723 miles in 19 days covering 19 different states.
  • Bought my 5th bike: 2001 BMW R1150GS. There are now seven bikes in the garage. (5 mine, 2 my wife). She says we have room for two more. She is the best! The question is, whose will they be? Mine or hers?
  • I rode 17,561 miles (14,198 in 2009) – in order of use: SV650, Ural, R1150GS, WR250R, Super9, My wife’s GS500 and GZ250. It is interesting and sad that I had the BMW for a week and put more miles on it than the WR. To be fair, the WR was in pieces for two months while I replaced the handlebars/top clamp, and lowered it not counting the time we were on our trip. My wife put on over 5,000 miles as a passenger!
  • I’ve made it the entire year without driving or owning a car -- a total of 15 months now without. (Yes, my wife still owns a car. She’s not the enthusiast I am).
  • I broke my coldest and hottest riding temps.
    New coldest is –12.6F (Minnesota in December). It was –11F.
    New hottest is 105F (Mississippi in August). It was 97F.
  • I took six riding courses: four advanced street from two different schools, one flat track, and one sidecar course!
  • Bought 12 tires: six for the SV650, five for the Ural, and one for the BMW.
  • I motorcycled in 19 different US states in 2010. (I had 11 in 2009). My total motorcycled states looks like this now (27):
    Motorcycle Visited States Map as of 2010-Dec-31 (27) 

Thank you for a great 2010! I’m excited to see what 2011 will bring!


  1. A very impressive set of tallies beat me on mileage for the year but not by much! : )

    As to number of bikes, you'll be beating me on that one for quite a while I think.

    Re my car, I don't think we put even 2000 miles on the poor thing.

    Happy New Year to you and your special indeed wife!


    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

    Redleg's Rides

  2. Wow, that really is quite a list. I really enjoyed reading your trip reports especially the "big" trip. Right now, I can only dream of trips like that.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Dom: Thanks Dom. You'll get me in 2011 ;) That was my car in 2009, so I sold it. Happy New Year to you and your family.

    RichardM: Thanks for your support. Dreaming of trips is fun. I'm trying to decide which direction to go for 2011. East or West? Happy New Year!

  4. Thanks Micah! Happy New year to you as well!