Friday, February 5, 2010

Winter Uraling – February 5

Ural in Winter

It snowed about an inch over-night, and I woke up to the beautiful scenery below. I was quite excited while putting on all my gear and checking over the Ural.

I love riding in snow! Its similar to riding in dirt or mud, but it’s everywhere. You’re not stuck to a trail an hour away; the fun is literally just outside your door. Of course, the cars will try to ruin your fun, so I recommend taking the back back roads.


After a few minutes of riding, I started to get warm. I saw the temp was at 27F! I didn’t miss my electric gloves at all and the vest was off. I was much too warm by the time I parked the Ural, and just stood outside for a few minutes with my helmet off and coat unzipped. By the time I left work, it was 30F and there were some large puddles of water begging to be ridden through. I had to oblige.

Here is a shot of the typical roads I like to take in the snow.


Yes, another shot of the Ural at a lake. We have thousands of them in Minnesota.

Ural near Lake Johanna


  1. Dear Sir:

    I met a gentleman from Minnesota a the BMW Airhead's Supertech conference in Pottstown, Pa last night. I was supposed to meet him for coffee this morning, before the tech classes officially started. There was four inches of snow on the ground when I left the hotel last night... Four inches after the plow trucks had worked the road over only an hour before.

    I hope the guy from Minnesota isn't disappointed that I didn't show up this morning. Even through the hotel is only 18 miles away, there is 15 inches of unplowed snow on the street at the moment. Think your Ural would sprint through that? My Suburban will get the ultimate test of driving through 20 inches later on today.

    Despite sounding like so much suck-up, I envy your ability to cruise around at will — getting the most out of a winter ride. One day I will own a trike — a Hannigan version of a BMW LT. But even so, it would be in the garage on a day like today.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads
    (New blog posts every Monday and Thursday)

  2. Good pictures Chris....we'll have to work on getting Mr Riepe on a URAL, I bet he'd have a blast....

  3. Jack,
    I don't think my former car (a subaru) would have made it through 15" inches of snow... It like the Ural only has about five to six inches of ground clearance. Once that has been exceeded, it becomes a snow plow. The DOT in MN is quite used to heavy snow, so it really isn't an issue.

    I think you'd do well on a trike, but the sidecar has a certain charm about it that gets peoples attention unlike any other motorcycle.


  4. Charlie6, Thanks. Yes... we'll have to work on it. I think reminding him it can haul a total of three people unlike only two on a trike or motorcycle might help him change his mind, and for some reason, women really seem to like the sidecar.


  5. Man.. you are making me fall for the Ural.. dang you!

  6. Bash3r: :) :) I just have to figure out how to haul the WR250R with the Ural, then you'll be sold! Maybe something like this:

  7. After some research, I found out my Ural has the electrics for towing stashed under the seat, and a hitch is about $100. Apparently, Urals tow things regularly in Europe and Asia.