Sunday, February 21, 2010

Winter Riding – February 21

Ural on Lake Josephine

I took the Ural out for a bit today and rode it on Lake Josephine. Someone had plowed a “road” across the lake from the boat launch to their ice fishing house on the far side. Without the “road”, I wouldn’t have been able to ride on the lake. The snow is piled up almost 12 inches. If I had knobby tires, I probably would have tried it. I might buy some knobbies this week. It still made for some good photos.

Ural on Lake Josephine

I also took the Super9 out as I needed to get my two wheel fix. It was really nice to get back on two wheels again. The scooter doesn’t have a windshield, so it has a lot less wind noise than the Ural. I had forgotten how quiet riding could be. 

For fun, I took it to a snow covered parking lot to see how it would handle on the ice and snow. It was much more slippery than I expected. I’m glad I changed my mind and bought the Ural to ride in the winter rather than the Super9. No pictures of the Super9 today. I was having too much fun and forgot. :)

I also spent some more time with the SV650. I made more progress on the HID install. I spent a couple hours just trying to figure out where to place all the bits. The ballast and the hi/lo relay have been the tricky parts. I did a test run of the HID and it is at least three time brighter than the old bulb.

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