Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Winter Commuting – February 2

Ural at Lake Como in Snow Storm

Thanks to last night’s snow, there was almost four inches waiting for me when I woke up. It took a while, but I cleaned out the driveway and got the Ural on the road.

The cars were again attempting to turn roads into parking lots, so I took the Ural through side streets and thoroughly enjoyed riding in the general direction of work. I realized I was going to be late, so I decided to enjoy myself even more.

I went to a couple lakes and took some pictures and just enjoyed looking at the snow collecting on the trees, which doesn’t show up in any of the photos well.

It was a blast. I had a lot of fun riding in the snow, and I was the only one not complaining about the commute once I arrived at work.

It’s about the journey not the destination. Enjoy where you’re at.

Ural at Lake Como in Snow Storm Ural at Lake Como in Snow Storm


  1. Lovely scenes, and great advice we too often forget. Such a hurry to "get somewhere". Good for you!