Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gerbing Heated Glove Warranty

uspsMy left Gerbing heated glove quit working a few days ago. I tried playing with the wires and changing power sources, but it seems the glove has gone bad.

I called Gerbing today to get some advice. They told me if the left glove has failed, that it will need to be replaced. They also said they would put a rush on my glove repair considering my current winter riding situation. The rush will take the normal three to five weeks down to one week.

I sent the left glove in today via Priority Mail which I was told would make it there in two days. If everything goes according to plan, I should have my glove back by the 14th!

I am quite impressed with the Gerbing customer service experience versus Tourmaster which quoted me six to eight weeks with no option to speed things up. I am still waiting for my Tourmaster gloves to be repaired.


  1. I've heard good things about the Gerbing folk, too. Apparently you can go to their facility in Shelton, WA and they'll fit and wire your gear for you while you're there. That is service, for sure. Of course, it is just a bit out of the way for you, unfortunately. -:)

  2. Just the excuse for a good moto trip ;) I plan on seeing them at the IMS show tomorrow and picking up a heated coat liner.

  3. Dear Chris:

    There is nothing quite as encouraging as outstanding customer service. I have experienced great customer service from MotoLights, and from the folks at Ruger (non-moto related). Now I see you are out and about on a Ural. Is this your only bike? Does yours run as flawlessly as Dom Chang's?

    Dom has written at great length regarding his adventures with the alternator. I'm assuming your machine has the new and improved alternator... Are there any challenges in adding your Gerbings gear to the load?

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad

  4. Jack,

    Thanks for reading, and thank you again for the link from your blog. Yes, great customer service is such a rare and beautiful thing.

    The Ural is just my winter bike. I have three others: SV650, WR250R, Super9. The other bikes don't like salt, so they hide in the garage a few months out of the year. I sold the car last year as I never drove it.

    For more details on my bikes:

    My Ural is a 2009 and has so far been pretty reliable. I did have some issues, but they were caused by my inexperience with Urals. Things are better now.

    My Ural does have the new style alternator and supposedly 50A+ of output which for a airhead boxer with carbs is quite good. I have been running a heated coat and gloves without issue and should be able to run heated gear for a passenger too.


  5. I have a Gerbing jacket liner. I enjoyed it immensely when I had the ST1100. I'd enjoy it on the FJR,too, if I ever get my ass in gear and wire it up. The good news is that I can ride to Gerbing's place in 4 or 5 hours. How about I pick up your gloves and meet you half way? :)

  6. Irondad, mmmm that does sound like a temping ride. Does halfway mean we meet at Charlie6's house? :)

  7. That is definitely encouraging. I bought my hubby heated gear this year for Christmas (glove liners and the jacket liner) and I didn't even look seriously at anything else. I bought the Gerbing gear based on recommendations and their solid reputation with the Beemer and LD crowd. He loves his gear and after an 'incident' in 18-degree weather he hooked me up, too. I was rolling it old school (layered up and hardly able to move) thought I could manage my 22-mile commute down here in Augusta, GA. Wrong. I've only got the vest, the gloves in my size are on backorder, but the vest is pretty much enough down here to keep my core warm and my hands from freezing. The only experience we've had with their customer service was a call to them to go ahead and send us the temp controller (which they were holding to ship together with the gloves once they came in), so I could regulate the temperature of the vest (which he got a different online retailer, since Gerbing was out). It seems that they are VERY popular this year, especially in my size. LOL Now we have further evidence of the reason. :)

  8. Missbusa, Thanks for reading and commenting.
    I also had trouble getting my Gerbing gear this season. was out of stock on everything that would fit me. A local store had gloves that fit, but nothing else. Today, I finally bought my coat liner and dual temp controller which should be here by the 13th. They were also out of stock, but gave me a nice deal because of the moto show today.