Monday, February 1, 2010

Winter Commuting – February 1

The ride to work this morning in the Ural was nice. It had warmed up to 10F. I still had to stop along the way to work to let my left hand warm up. The gloves still aren’t working. I need to remember to call Gerbing tomorrow to sort out a solution.

While I was working, it started to snow. When I went to leave work, there was about two inches on the road with more still coming down. All the cars, as usual, forgot how to drive when presented with a little precipitation. Downtown was in gridlock, but the narrow little Ural managed to escape the tangle of cars.

I engaged the 2WD on the Ural and I didn’t have any trouble riding home. I took the side back roads as my usual back roads were clogged up with cars. This proved to be a great decision as I had a blast drifting practicing my emergency winter maneuvers on the way home. I love riding in snow!


  1. I had to laugh.... "It had warmed up to 10F". Brilliant. You must have been a penguin in a previous life!

  2. LOL Gary! With the right gear, you can be very comfortable at 10F. A good helmet makes all the difference.

  3. Hope you get that glove fixed soon, are you using the left jug to warm your hand up at stops?

    No snow here, will have to go into the mountains to find some....

  4. I usually just loosen the straps on the glove and pull my fingers into the main part of the glove and make a fist. Warms up the fingers pretty quick. I have also tried using the let jug, but with the wind it doesn't work the greatest.

    When I called Gerbing yesterday, they said their computers were down for a backup and to call later...