Wednesday, September 9, 2009

WR250R Fasteners and Battery Tender Cable Install

I was frustrated having to use three different tools to remove four bolts to clean the air filter on the WR250R, so I decided to "fix" that problem today. I went to the hardware store and bought some new M6 bolts that were all the same size allen as the side covers on the WR. Unfortunately, they didn't have the thumb screws I wanted for under the seat in an M6, only standard.

I replaced the 8mm bolts (left) under the seat with these two new allen bolts (right):

I replaced the air filter cover screw (right) with the allen shown (left) here:

Instead of this:

I only need this to remove the seat and access the air filter:

I also installed some rubber washers between the skid plate and the frame. They seem to reduce the harsh noise a bit at idle. I will have to see later how it sounds on the road. I think I will end up coating the inside of the plate with something like liquid rubber or rhino skin used in truck bedliners.

Finally, I installed the battery tender cable on the WR250R. Here is a shot of the finished install:

I routed the cables along the existing ones and shoved them inside the rubber caps. I then zip-tied everything down nice and tight. There is also a 15A fuse inline arrowed above. I left the end of the cable out stuffed behind the toolkit with two zip-ties holding everything close to the frame to prevent movement. The end of the cable has a cap on it to prevent water and dust from getting inside.

I am happy to finally have this done since my extra cable is arriving next week which will allow me to finish making my custom heated vest cable! The battery tender cable makes a great standard plug for all my bike accessories since all my bikes have one.


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