Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Commuting - September 22

This morning's light sprinkling made it slightly difficult to see with the glare from the headlights, but otherwise didn't do much to get me wet. Supposedly, it was 60F, but it felt a bit colder. It wasn't enough moisture to get the WR250R clean, so perhaps on the way home since it is supposed to rain all day.

I didn't finish the chain and sprocket replacement. I spent almost two hours trying to get the front sprocket bolt off. I had to get a helper to stand on the front brake while I used a four foot breaker bar with both hands on the bar and both feet on the right footpeg. I also used a generous amount of liquid wrench and PB blaster. On the way home tonight, I need to stop and get some axle grease and maybe some front brake pads as they seemed a bit worn worn on the SV650.

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