Saturday, September 26, 2009

Riding around lakes

What a great day for riding! I went riding around the north east metro today on a on-the-fly lakes tour. I followed every road named something trail or some lake drive I could find. I think I rode around twenty or so lakes. I started in St. Paul and ended up near Stillwater. I rode back southwest on main roads until I found the Mississippi and took that north home. It was a short ride, only a few hours and seventy miles.

I also stopped at Moto Primo this morning and ordered an Olympia Phantom one peice riding suit in Pewter. I should get the suit by the end of next week. I'm quite excited as it has a good insulated liner and is completely waterproof; it should really simply commuting for me. Moto Primo has a deal on the suits for $400 (normally $460). If you're interested, call and ask for Zach as the deal isn't advertised just word-of-mouth.

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