Monday, September 7, 2009

Dual Sport Ride - September 7

I am still excited and I have had a giant grin all day which can only mean another dual sport ride. It was with the TC_DualSport folks again and this time we had a huge turn out: 19 bikes!

We met up at Bert's Coffee Cafe in Hudson, WI around 9ish. On the way, I spotted Dave and Darcy on their DR650s riding east on 694. I caught up and waved, and then they followed me into Hudson on I94.

The ride was led by Judson "Jud" Jones. He said he didn't have a route planned, but just made most of it up as he went. He said he'd been riding those Wisconsin roads for the last 35 years! He found some amazing roads, both paved and unpaved. These two are my favorites from the ride:

The first is what Jud calls the "church" which is a fantastic dirt road covered in awesome trees. The second photo is Rustic Road 51 aka R-51. The water splashes were fantastic. I'm sorry I didn't stop to take photos of the riders behind me going through. I was having so much fun myself I forgot to take photos!

We stopped for lunch in Maiden Rock, WI. Lunch was mostly what we could find at the local gas station -- candy bars, nuts, and Gatorade! Then we road some more great roads and stopped again in Pepin, WI for more food and gas. Then we road up near Ela and Plum City to a bar near River Falls, WI where the ride finished.

Paul was kind enough to take me back to civilization with his GPS and I got home just before 6pm after putting almost 240 miles on the WR250R.

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