Saturday, April 25, 2015

Three Lakes and Three Bikes

Motorcycling Lakes

With spare time and a sunny Saturday afternoon, riding was necessary. The problem was, which motorcycle should I ride? The super9 was high on the list as was the SV650. Then I thought about the motorcycle I want to sell: the GZ250

Motorcycling Lakes

I decided to take it out for a ride. I’ve recently put new tires on, a new battery, fresh brake fluid, new air filter, new oil, new spark plugs, and carb clean. I thought I should take it out for a bit of a shake down ride to make sure it is in ready condition to sell.

Motorcycling Lakes

Long time readers may be a bit confused at this point. Wait, when did you get the GZ250?? I bought it in the fall of 2014 from my ex-wife. It was actually my first motorcycle and hers as well. During the divorce, she didn’t want it, so I bought it from her with the intent of selling it to a friend. That deal fell through, so it will end up on craigslist soon. It runs great, and it will make a great first motorcycle for someone else.

Motorcycling Lakes

After a short ride I brought it home. The SV was sitting there, so I couldn’t quite resist taking it for a quick ride. I had all my gear on already… I had a fun time blasting around. The SV felt like a rocketship compared to the GZ. Since I posed the GZ in front of a lake, I thought I should do the same for the SV.

Motorcycling Lakes

One I got home with the SV, the Super9 seemed to be itching for a ride as well. Why not?! I found a third lake and posed the scoot for a pic as well.

It was tempting to try to dig out the WR or the Ural, but they need some TLC before they are ready for the road. They are also both buried in the corners of the garage.

It was a fun afternoon tooling around looking at the beautiful lakes nearby.

Where did you ride this weekend?


  1. So far, just into town to meet George and Sandra at the coffee place then on to fill up the Ural. Tomorrow, several of us are planning on riding to Nenana for lunch. George was even talking about digging out his V-Rod...

  2. Isn't it great to have choices (of bikes and lakes)? Due to my recent surgery I haven't had a chance to get back on two wheels but I am keeping my hopes up for next weekend.

  3. Everyday Stig and the Three Bikes. You could write a book.

    It looks like a great day for a ride....or three. Isn't nice to have a choice of rides?

    1. It is very nice to have a choice of rides! :)

      Also, I don't know that I am interesting enough for a book.