Thursday, April 2, 2015

Motorcycle Stuff At Work Challenge

Motorcycle Stuff At Work

It was time for new carpet at work, so we had to clean our cubes out. They were going to jack them up and slip the carpet under. It was quite a chore to pack everything into boxes. Wow! I had a lot of stuff!

I noticed I had quite a fair amount of motorcycle stuff in my cube, and I wondered how much do other people have? This will be the Motorcycle Stuff At Work (MSAW) Challenge.
I have:
  • Ural mug
  • Yamaha racing visor from MotoGP
  • Ural poster
  • Ural license plate badge
  • BMW license plate badge
  • Triumph poster
  • Suzuki dirtbike poster
  • IMS 2015 page of the calendar.
Do you have motorcycle stuff in your cube? Take a pic or blog about it, and I will link you below. Let us see your motorcycle stuff at work!

Other Cubes
  • Email me or comment below to get yours listed


  1. Nice challenge. Due to permanent changes in assignments I move offices every so often, so I have nothing more than a Vespa mug, a picture of my Harley and a motorcycle themed desktop picture in my work space. (and of course my motorcycle gear when commuting on my Vespa).

  2. I commented and it disappeared. Let's try again.

    My iMac's desktop photo is my Gladius but no moto-related 'items' to be found.

  3. I have a toy motorcycle camper in my office.

  4. I have a few vintage toy motorcycles, a BMW MOA mug (even thought I ride a Yamaha), a Vespa mug and of course my riding gear.