Monday, April 20, 2015

MinneADV Swap Meet


This past weekend was the Spring MinneADV swap meet. I have attended a few times now. It is usually cold and slightly damp. The weather for this year couldn’t have been much better.


It was the first time I’ve seen people standing around in t-shirts. I didn’t plan on selling anything this year. I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to spend the time to clean out the closet to figure out what could go.


This year was a new location, so I was a tad unsure exactly where the pavilion was. When I pulled into the parking lot and saw all the motorcycles, I knew I was in the right spot. They were almost all dualsports with a couple exceptions like the Indian above.


There was this little cozy sidecar as well. A couple people thought it might be mine, but no. I rode the SV650 (pic above). I put all the luggage on incase there was a deal I couldn’t resist!


It was fun looking at all the different configurations of bikes. I like the NC700 kitted out next to two BMWs.


This Vstrom was nicely setup. I secretly want it. Hmm… I just wrote that, so I guess not much of a secret now. The gas can on the front made me smile.


I really like this Honda scrambler too. Such a nice look with the exhaust high in the middle.


There was a Vstrom 1000 for sale. It was kinda tempting, but I’d prefer a 650.


There were several motorcycles for sale at the swap meet. I think I counted five including this 125cc kit bike. A few of us were talking that if he spent a bit more money to make it street legal, it would easily sell.


An 80s XR650. There was a 250 as well, but it sold in a few minutes.


There was also quite the collection of stuff for sale this year. It was mainly riding gear.


There was also a lot of camping gear, a couple chain saws, and a scooter.


My friend Paul had a table. His rule was if it didn’t have a price tag it was free. Sadly, not many takers.


Lots of tools as well.


I ended up buying a new battery. I think it was originally for an XR400, but I plan to use it on my lawn mower. The 12v battery for the electric start failed last year. The new one is almost $80, so with a little duct tape this $20 battery should be a great replacement! There was a few other tempting items, but I managed to escape without filling my luggage.


The pic above is for some upcoming local motorcycle related events.

I had a nice time looking at all the stuff for sale and catching up with a few other riders. I appreciate the efforts to organize and get this event going. Thanks!


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  1. Great idea to have a big swap meet like that.

    You showed nice restraint at not filling your saddle bags too.

    1. Yea, they do a nice job organizing it. The trick is to only have a $20 in your pocket ;-)