Saturday, May 26, 2012

Everyday for 7 Weeks–Weeks 4 Roundup

A summary post of the Week 4 of 7. 

Progress So Far:  (the map seems a bit funky, but close enough) 
Everyday for 7 Weeks - Week 4

Fun facts:
  • The GPS says I have covered  a total of 7,181 miles (11,556 km) over the 28 days of my trip so far.
    • Week1 Miles: 2,161 (308 a day avg)
    • Week2 Miles: 1,777 (253 a day avg)
    • Week3 Miles: 1,847 (263 a day avg)
    • Week4 Miles: 1,394 (199 a day avg)
  • This is now almost the longest trip I’ve ever taken. China at 30 days in 2000 still wins.
  • This is now the longest motorcycle trip I’ve taken. The previous was 19 days – Great River Ride
  • The most expensive gas so far has been $7.27USD/gallon.
  • I’ve taken over 900 photos this week and over 4 hours of video.
  • Best MPG: 67mpg
  • Worst MPG: 36mpg
  • New motorcycled states on this trip: Montana, Idaho, Alaska, Washington
  • New motorcycled provinces on this trip: Alberta, Yukon, British Columbia
  • Border Crossings: 5

Week 4 Posts:

Week 4 Videos: Entire Playlist

Week 4 Photos:


Animals I’ve seen so far:

  • moose
  • black bear
  • muskrat
  • bison
  • caribou
  • deer
  • rein deer
  • elk
  • stone sheep
  • doll sheep
  • wild horses
  • bald eagle
  • wolf
  • fox
  • beaver
  • prairie dog
  • countless different birds


  1. Fun statistics - hope you're doing as well for the rest of the trip ... I'm still jealous! When you pass through the Bay Area - let me know, there are soooooo many awesome routes here.

    1. Thanks. Sorry for not seeing your comments sooner. They were in the spam box. I have no idea why google chose that. Bay area was nice. We had a good time visiting friends. I hope we can meetup on my next visit.

    2. Ah, no worries - hope you enjoy your trip! Stay safe and keep the rubber side down.