Sunday, May 6, 2012

Everyday for 7 Weeks–Week 1 Roundup

A summary post of the Week 1 of 7.

Week 1 Progress:
Everyday for 7 Weeks - Week 1

Fun facts:
  • The GPS says I have covered 2,161 miles (3,478km) with a moving time of 39 hours 1 minute over the first seven days of my trip.
  • The most expensive gas so far has been $6.72USD/gallon.
  • I’ve taken over 550 photos this week and over 5 hours of video.
  • Best MPG: 67mpg
  • Worst MPG: 36mpg

Week 1 Posts:

Week 1 Videos:
The videos were processed after the posts, and so you might have missed them.

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