Saturday, May 19, 2012

Everyday for 7 Weeks–Week 3 Roundup

A summary post of the Week 3 of 7. 

Progress So Far:  (the map seems a bit funky, but close enough)
Everyday for 7 Weeks - Week 3 - Progress so Far

Fun facts:
  • The GPS says I have covered  a total of 3,938 5,787 miles (9313 km) over the 21 days of my trip so far.
    • Week1 Miles: 2,161
    • Week2 Miles: 1,777
    • Week3 Miles: 1,847
  • This is now the longest motorcycle trip I’ve taken. The previous was 19 days – Great River Ride
  • The most expensive gas so far has been $7.27USD/gallon.
  • I’ve taken over 5,400 photos this week and over 10 hours of video.
    • Nope, not a typo. I took 4,800 or so as part of a time lapse. I have to wait until I get home to process it. doh!
  • Best MPG: 67mpg
  • Worst MPG: 36mpg
  • New motorcycled states on this trip: Montana, Idaho, Alaska
  • New motorcycled provinces on this trip: Alberta, Yukon, British Columbia

Week 3 Posts:

Week 3 Videos: Entire Playlist

Week 3 Photos:


Animals I’ve seen so far:

  • moose
  • black bear
  • muskrat
  • bison
  • caribou
  • deer
  • rein deer
  • elk
  • stone sheep
  • doll sheep
  • wild horses
  • bald eagle
  • wolf
  • fox
  • beaver
  • prairie dog
  • countless different birds


  1. Maybe you should add the countless hours spent in front of your laptop to your statistics.

    Thanks for taking the extra time to share all those wonderful pics and vids with us.

    1. I don't spent THAT much time on the laptop :)

  2. Wow, I still can't believe you've ridden that far.

    I concur with Sonja, thanks for taking the time out of your evenings to post up. it is nice to follow along on your journey.

    1. It's hard for me to realize as well, and I did it!

      Glad you are enjoying following along. I appreciate the comments from you both.