Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Waving Duc

GS at Lake Como

It was 53F today! I had planned on taking the Super9 out to play, but I the warm air messed with my brain. I rearranged the garage, and dragged the R1150GS out. I did a quick T-CLOCS. Everything checked out. It fired up on the first try too. Nice.

The above picture is the GS in front of Lake Como in St. Paul. It’s one of my favorite urban places to ride. Good scenery and a winding road. The downside is it’s quite popular with everyone else.

While I was out riding, I rode past this beautiful red Ducati. We exchanged hearty waves. It wasn’t until later as I’m writing this as I realize it was my first moto wave of 2012. Cool!


A coincidence the rider was going to the same place I was. Too bad we didn’t park next to each other.

The weather-guessers say snow tomorrow. I’m glad I got a short ride in. The GS is tucked away again. Maybe I’ll take the Super9 tomorrow. 


  1. Maybe some rain tomorrow for us and then . . . possibly some snow on Thursday, but I don't think there is much in the way of accumulation. I'm glad you are getting some two wheel time. Last winter seemed long even for Minnesota.

  2. 53 by you?? what the hell, it's mid 30's here in NJ, what is going on with the world. Nice Ducati.
    The seat on the bimmer must be really comfortable.

  3. Keith: maybe rain snow mix now for us too. that might be exciting.

    last winter was a bit long. I used the snow blower more times last year than the previous five. might actually put the snow tires on the ural. maybe.

    George: yea, a couple days in a row now. crazy eh? looks like it'll be mid 30s today.

    Ducati looks as good as it sounds.

    The GS seat? yea, but when I sit back in the fat part my arms are stretched to the max. already have risers too. need to decide if I'm gonna keep the bike and then fix the bars for my comfort if I do.

  4. 53˚ sounds very nice about now. We have sun but woke to 24 degrees. If we are lucky we'll get above freezing today.

    Glad you were able to go for a ride.

  5. Weather seems to be pleasantly mild almost everywhere. But it is that time of the year when even a scooter is getting waved at, even by a Harley ;-)

  6. Trobairitz: 53 sounds nice now too. Had a cold snap yesterday with freezing rain. back to 17 right now. supposed to be 10 tomorrow. we did have a good run though of 40s-50s for a week.

    SonjaM: a scooter waved at by a harley? I dunno. sounds suspicious. :-)

  7. Still sounds warm. A weather report earlier this week said that we were headed for a short cold snap this weekend of -53F. How does a Harley wave?

  8. Dear Chris Luhman:

    What a great picture of the "GS!" I love the color and the uncluttered look of this rig. I'm sorry I didn't get to see it up close and personal on your last visit through here. This has been the mildest winter I can recall.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  9. Richard: yes, still warm by MN standards for winter. been fluctuating between 10 and 50 over just a few days. snow keeps melting. a decent winter. -53F huh? wow. I don't think I'm gonna get the chance for subzero this winter.

    I'm not sure how a harley would wave. I don't get waved at by those riders ;)

    Dear Jack: its an ok bike. yea, a shame it didn't want to take the trip out east. it must have been intimidated by the K75

  10. Beautiful red Duc! As long as you don't have to ride it very far.

    My first moto wave of 2012 was to a gal who works at our local library. She rides a little Honda scooter.

  11. irondad: how does the duc get less beautiful as you ride it? maybe less comfortable, but still looks great.