Friday, January 20, 2012

And the winner is…

Free IMS Tickets

Thank you to all who entered the drawing for the IMS motorcycle show tickets. I compiled them all into a list and gave each entrant a number.

With my wife as a witness, I used to pick two numbers; the numbers for Paul Streeter and jC were drawn. Congratulations, you’ve each won a ticket!

Send me an email with your address, and I will get the ticket mailed as soon as possible!


PS: For those who didn’t win try promo code “EARLYBIRD” to get $$ off your tickets when you buy online.


  1. Is this the show where you will be working the sim-bike thingy? I'm looking forward to hearing how that goes.

    1. yes, one of the two shows I'll be working the SMARTrainer. I also got a press pass for this moto show. whee