Thursday, January 5, 2012

First Thursday: January 2012

First Thursday January 2012

Today is the first Thursday of 2012 which means a bunch of motorcycle folks will show up to shoot the breeze at Dulono’s pizza in Minneapolis. With highs reaching 45F I expected more bikes.

I saw only about eight which was the same amount as December 2011 when it was only 20F.

I had a great time chatting with friends about all things motorcycles. A few maps were out on tables; it was fun to see future trips being planned. I talked to a couple friends about potential trips together later this year as well. 2012 looks like it could be a very fun riding year.

First Thursday January 2012


  1. This is the perfect time of year to be planning some great rides for summer and fall.

    Hope your spring weather is better than ours for riding. It is usually quite rainy and wet here in Oregon.

  2. So maybe it's the calendar and not the thermometer that accounts for the riding cycle.

    Although I always think of the majority of riders as bugs. When the sun comes out so do they.

    Hard core riders like us excluded, of course!

  3. Trobairitz: Indeed! I am starting to piece together my big ride west for 2012.

    I wouldn't say it is exactly spring in MN yet, but we are having a very bizarre winter. 40s in Jan!? It should be 10F with snow.

    irondad: hmm... riders as bugs. they do seem to come out in the sun like bugs, and they certainly go splat on cars too...

  4. I think up in my homeland of Michigan many riders store their bikes for the winter by the calendar. Weather like this just drives them crazy because their bikes are in storage. Here in Missouri the image of bugs works. Indeed when the sun comes out so do the riders.

    Chris, I'm not so keen about thinking about the splat part.

  5. Keith: I think some people do the calendar things here in MN as well. In some sense, I think it makes riding more special for them since they can't/won't do it year round. Like when it is nice out in MN. People take a day off just to enjoy the weather.

    I'm not keen on the splat part either, but being aware of risks/consequences is the first step to dealing with them.