Monday, January 9, 2012

South Padre Island Vlog (SBC#4)

A short video blog about my trip to South Padre Island and Solar Bear Challenge #4.

YouTube: South Padre Island Vlog – SBC#4


  1. Your solar bear dance made me smile. Thanks.

  2. It is definitely better going around the sign rather than the bike. I smiled with Sonja.

  3. " bear.. i'm getting looked at.. solar bear.."

    I think you should have to go back and re-do your solar bear challenge. Interrupted Solar Bear-ing! We need a judgement on this one! ;)

  4. SonjaM: I'm glad :)

    Keith: I did the dance around the sign for you Keith. No snow in MN to fall into yet.

    Fuzzy: ok fine. I'll re-do it. please send me a plane ticket to brownsville,tx and I'll fly down and redo just for you. the judges accepted it btw. haha :)