Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Trip to the Beach

Empty Beach

I was feeling a bit cooped up, and it was beautiful outside. I put on my gear and walked into the garage. Which one to ride? Decisions, decisions.

My Super9 scooter hasn’t been getting much attention lately, so I decided to take it for a ride. It’s a fun little 2-stroke scooter. As Keith already knows, a scooter is great for riding around exploring.

I found this sign on a side street, and made a u-turn to find the construction.

Road Work Ahead

I think most motorcyclists tend to avoid road construction like this, but I like riding on it. They are tore up the entire road curb to curb. It looks like they are rebuilding from scratch.

Construction Equipment

My super9 has a bit of an identity crisis. It’s marketed as a sporty scooter with “big” tires (12” haha), disc brakes (front and rear), and proper suspension. I took the sport tires off, and put some dual sports on instead (K761s).

Super9 Low

They aren’t great in the rain, and they don’t have as much traction as the less knobby tires. They are decent in the dirt and snow however.

I made my way to one of the local lakes. I was surprised to find the beach empty. It was 70F after all.

Empty Beach

I found a park bench and sat down to read. The warmth of the sun felt great, and I was really enjoying the silence. Some ducks came by expecting me to feed them. They lined up like they did in New York hoping to impress me.


Unfortunately for them, I didn’t have anything to eat. They swam away, and I went back to my book. It was a nice way to spent a few hours of the afternoon.


  1. Good for you! Super9 was probably very happy to see the light, and I am sure the scoot enjoyed playing in the dirt. I love the sun reflections in the water.

  2. Sitting by the lake reading. Sounds like a great way to spend the afternoon. I heard that Minneapolis is unseasonably warm these days.

    I guess I gave my airhead also has an identity crisis as well as I put K60's on it.


  3. SonjaM: The little scoot is a lot of fun. With all the other bikes available, it doesn't see as much action as it deserves for sure.

    RichardM: It is a bit warm. 80F for the last few days. No snow, so I'm not going to complain too much.

    Good to know I'm not the only one with an identity crisis ride. I suspect yours might see more dirt than mine though.

  4. I'm feeling famous. First you mention me in this post and Roger mentions me in one of his recent posts. I hope I can deal with being a celebrity :)

    I have a lake I find myself going back to frequently. I think some of this is my missing the Great Lakes. There is something very different about living next to a very long body of water versus a very large body of water.

    By the way, not that it matters, I think Billie is technically a motorcycle. I do think CVT or Double Clutch set-ups do make for wonderful puttering around whether on scooter or bike.

    Well, I think I'm off to that little lake.

    Thanks for the share.

  5. Keith: LOL. I just hope I can get your autograph ahaha.

    Yes, rivers aren't quite the same as lakes. We have three major ones nearby. They provide nice scenery to ride in and to look at, but lakes are something else. Maybe I'm biased because they are everywhere in MN.

    Legally, yes, Billie is a motorcycle. I see scooters as a moto-style like sportbikes or cruisers - auto transmission, step through design for easy on-off, and very nimble for quick u-turns thanks to the short wheel base.

  6. Having experienced first-hand the Luhman love of riding in construction zones, I had to chuckle when I read about you taking your scooter to find some rough stuff. Priceless!

  7. Gary: My wheels are drawn to dirt when it is nearby. :)