Thursday, October 13, 2011

Taking the GS out to Play

GS at the Lake

My R1150GS is finally fixed and back in action after several months of messing around with delays fixing the brakes. It all started with a leaky brake line, then a stuck banjo bolt, and finally I broke a fastener on the caliper and had to replace it.

It took a few tries to bleed the brake system, but I eventually got it sorted. I was glad I bought the big bottle of DOT4 brake fluid. I’ve bled brakes before, but the GS took more work and patience.

It was nice to take it out for a ride again. I forgot how heavy it was! It’s also pretty comfortable, and I wanted to ride it to a different state.

GS at the Park

Instead, I settled for a tour of the local parks and lakes admiring the starting of the fall colors and the beautiful weather we’ve been having in Minnesota. We had an entire week of 80F and blue sky. Very nice!

Beginnings of Fall Colors

It’s nice to have the GS fixed and rideable again. The main purpose for the bike was to ride two-up with my wife, so now we can do that again in more comfort. The SV works, but it isn’t as comfortable for either of us as the GS. The Ural is the most comfortable for my wife, but we both agree the GS is more fun on the twisty roads.


  1. Good for you (and the GS) to be on the road.

    But no matter what scoot you use, please get me more of those awesome fall foliage pics (with or without motorcycle in it...thanks up to you). We get our share of colours but it is not as impressive as in the East.

  2. Glad to see "the beast" back on the road.

    As to it being more fun in the twisties than the Ural....I suggest, replace the tub with a racing frame...lower the suspension, get her to really hang out on the curves...and then...oh's a Ural. Never mind. : )


  3. The weather has been phenomenal hasn't it? We both know to enjoy it while we can. Got to say I'd be very pleased if this great weather held around for a couple three weeks more.

    @Dom: That was very funny :)

  4. SonjaM: I have a few more I took over the last weekend. Still have to write some more posts. feeling lazy. :)

    Dom: the beast is back. lol. ural and racing frame in the same sentence... the only way that'd work is if the first part was sell the ural on craigslist... hehe.

    Keith: good weather indeed over the past week. It's getting slightly colder each day. I do hope it stays nice for the next few weeks, but sadly the leaves will have completed their suicidal attack on the grass by then.

  5. I like your Fall colors. All our leaves jumped down to the grass weeks ago. And nice to hear that the GS is finally on the road again.

  6. RichardM: along the rivers it is quite nice. I need to go take some more pics. I'm happy the GS is mobile again too. Too long looking at it in the garage.

  7. Glad to see the bimmer back on the road enjoying the fall colors.

  8. George: Me too. It was down too long, but then again I had other fun bikes to enjoy while I putzed around fixing it.