Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BigTrip2011 - Day 15 - The Windy City

Today’s (August 12, 2011) destination was Chicago! Since my visit last year, Sharon aka Sojourner of Sojourner’s Moto Tales have kept in touch regularly. When she heard about my trip this year, she graciously offered to let me stay at her place in downtown Chicago.


I left mid morning, and thanks to the time zone swap arrived just after lunch. The traffic wasn’t as crazy as it was last time, but it was still fun. Chicago has its own unique road vibe.

We spent most of the afternoon catching up. We went for a walk later in the day to see the sights and to get dinner. I love how easy it is to just walk in Chicago. Everything requires driving or riding in Minnesota; everything is too spread out.


I didn’t want to carry my DSLR, so Sharon offered to let me play with one of her smaller cameras. The only condition was I had to use manual settings. I accepted. She was a good teacher. I think I actually learned a couple things. Thanks!

Walking along the river was nice.


Jack Riepe, this one is for you.


This is for the rest of you!


I enjoyed the walk looking at all the buildings and the swarms of people. I had fun playing tourist.

IMG_5305 IMG_5316

After what seemed like a short walk, but it was actually well over a mile, we arrived at dinner – Karyn’s Cooked.

Sharon was too generous and insisted on paying. We both loved our food. My mouth is watering just thinking about it as I write this. I will likely write a post about it on my other blog.

Did I mention I like Chicago’s skyline?


Next time I visit, I will have to take a water taxi.


The walk back along the Riverwalk was relaxing.


Thanks again for the hospitality Sharon!


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About 200 miles today. States: IN, IL.


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  1. Nice shots. Chicago is one of those cities that it is fun to play tourist and take a lot of pictures. The last time I was there was right before Christmas and the window displays in some of the stores were great. I foolishly rode cabs a couple of times and barely lived to tell about it but that's a different story. I had never heard of their Riverwalk and it definitely looks interesting. It is very long?

    Sharon's blog was one of the first ones I followed after I started riding and have enjoyed the stories and the photography.

  2. Great pictures of Chicago!!! Where are the pictures of Shaon? And in the future, Shaton will say she is not interested in dessert, but don't let your hand get between her and the plate.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  3. Very crisp pictures of the Windy City. I have been in Chicago many times (mostly for stopovers during flights though), and only one three-day visit before I started my epic Route 66 trip back in 2001. I love the statue of MM.

  4. I've been around the ... i guess its a loop? ... bypass? i dunno... anyhow... a couple of times now.... I guess I do need to stop by and actually see the city... hmm... i honestly would have never guessed there would be a statue that would openly display pantsu in public. Learn new things every day.

  5. RichardM: Thanks. It is fun to play tourist in Chicago. Even more fun to have such a knowledgeable tour guide. I imagine the displays would be impressive for xmas since some were decent even in the summer. The riverwalk is about a mile long.

    Jack: Thanks! Sharon is in one of the pictures above. I'll let you figure out which one.

    You should have warned me sooner. My hand did get between her and dessert. Fortunately I wasn't harmed. She even let me eat the entire piece of cake! Must be you :)

    Thank you. I've been there several times, but mostly the airport and suburbs. The trip last year and this year to visit Sharon were the most fun (and in the city the whole time).
    The statue was fun because of the reaction people were having to it.

    William: The loop is the part downtown chicago, probably the bypass if you were on the interstate. You should visit downtown. It's nicer than the slab. :) The statue was a surprise for me. I enjoyed watching the other people's reaction to it.

  6. Chicago seems like it has a lot to offer someone who likes to city tour. I hope to make it there one day.

    Did you happen to see Cloudgate while you were in town? I must see that with my own eyes.

    Marilyn is too cool <3

  7. Fuzzy: Chicago is a big city with lots of things to see and do. i think you would enjoy chicago.

    cloudgate aka the bean? not on this trip. I saw it last year. it would have been good to see it again, but it was a walk in the other direction. next time I guess.

  8. I have been to Chicago a few times including going to the top of Sears tower, amazing views.
    I didn't know about Marilyn Monroe statue, nice shot from behind :-)

  9. George F: I have been to Chicago a few times as well, but I haven't made it to the top of the sears tower yet. Maybe the next trip.

    The statue was interesting. I couldn't resist taking the behind photo for Mr Riepe.