Friday, September 16, 2011

What’s that on my desk?

#ural presents waiting for me on my desk from anonymous. Cool and thanks!

I had a surprise waiting for me when I arrived at work the other day. I found the following on my desk:

  • ural pin
  • ural key chain/holder
  • “It’s a Ural” sticker
  • Metal Ural Mug
Metal Ural mug from my no long anonymous gifter. A HD guy in my building won them as door prizes. Very cool.

A very cool surprise! I looked around, but I didn’t see a note. No email either. hmm. Maybe just a stalker trying to sweeten me up before they lure me out into the woods or an anonymous gifter.

I took a big risk. I hung the “It’s a Ural” sticker up in my cube next to the BMW one I received from Kevin. Time to start practicing my German. The BMW police will probably show up soon to arrest me; I have a BMW and Ural sticker touching.

The Ural keychain is cool. A little snap on the bottom to keep it closed. The keys go through a rod on the top (inside) and can be added by removing a small screw. It might keep the Ural’s keys from rubbing a rust spot on the side of the headlight housing.

The ignition on the Ural is a silly design. It is on the left side of the headlight housing. If you have anything else on the keychain, it will rub the paint off and then rust in less than 5.27 seconds.

I’ve repainted that area on mine twice now. Perhaps one day I’ll get smart and do the common mod of adding packing tape over the paint to protect it from the keys.

Thanks anonymous! I love the gift!


  1. Okay, I admit it . . . I didn't do it.

    The key ring looks cool as does the pin.

  2. Keith: dang! I thought for sure it was you... the keyring is cool. The pin is a red version of the black one I got when I purchased the ural. The mug is similar to the black one I received when I purchased the ural. The original mug I have is a heavy ceremic, this new red one is a lighter solid metal. one for work, one for home.

  3. Chris, the old beemer airheads had the ignition key on the left side of the headlight housing as well....never gave it much thought until you mentioned it.

    I use a detachable keyring, so only the ignition key hangs off the headlight, no scratches....just saying. : )

    Nice gifts....perhaps for participation in the Ural Rally?


    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  4. Dom: I have too many motorcycles. All of the moto keys are separate from my other keys, so only bike keys on the Ural. The Ural has two extras with it. the gas cap key (which I never use, but just incase) and the key to the trunk. they are tiny, but eventually flap around in the wind. The clutch cable also rubs on that spot, but I think a ziptie could resolve that.

    No, I don't think they are from my participation in the ural rally. how would ural know where I work? I never told them. Besides, I'm in a secure building. The public can't get to my desk, so it has to be a co-worker. hmm. a fun mystery.

  5. Dear Chris:

    Little by little, I have ben adding keys and stuff to the K75 keyring. These include a separate key for the Kryptonite lock, another key for the lock on the Ram Mount, and a small LED flashlight on a carabiner (sp?). Now these keys hamg down on a rubberized dash which cannot scratch, but there is a buff mark.

    I had to laugh at your observation that once the paint is scraped from the headlight basket, it rusts in 5.7 seconds. (That was a good one.) Could it be that your Ural gifts came from the Ural Service Department?

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  6. Dear Jack: It is interesting how keys or thing on keyrings seem to multiple like rabbits.

    I'm glad you liked it. :)

    Nope, not ural service department which I don't even know if that exists... the riddle has been unraveled. writing it now actually...