Sunday, September 25, 2011

MMSC Annual Group Ride

getting ready to leave

Once a year the Motorcycle RiderCoaches in Minnesota get together and go for a group ride. We met early on a Saturday morning in the fog in the southwest corner of the metro area. The moist morning air was cold. We were all squirming around before the start trying to stay warm.

Thirteen motorcycle showed up for the ride with fifteen people total. Since my BWM wasn’t fixed in time for the ride, I let my wife decide which bike we should take. She wanted to ride in the Ural since it is more comfortable for her than the SV650.

left turn

We mostly followed the Minnesota river to the south and west towards New Ulm, MN which was our lunch destination. The roads along the river were fun. We both enjoyed the turns. The other coach behind us commented how fun it was to watch us move in tandem for each corner.

old car rally

About thirty minutes into the ride, we rode past 50 or so classic cars. They had the same good idea we did about getting in a nice fall ride.

tail in the air

The above is one of my favorite shots. I think the tail being caught in the air as my wife turned her head is hilarious. It make it look like she’s surprised.

henderson heritage day

We arrived in Henderson, MN and stumbled upon their yearly heritage fest. They had a lot of antique cars on display. I suspect the classic cars from earlier were on their way here.

It was nice to ride with other coaches. It was one of the better groups rides I’ve been on. Everyone kept their spacing nicely. They signaled obstacles and hazards. And my favorite, kept the group together by going slightly under the speed limit. No crazy passing on double yellows either. It was a very mature ride. We both enjoyed it.

arrived in new ulm

The one thing we didn’t like was that we rode for nearly three hours from the start directly to the finish. I normally like to take a break every hour or so. Many of the others I talked to would have liked a break too. About an hour before the end of the ride I could see the other riders in front of me stretching legs and arms at every stop sign.

ural and wing

We had lunch at the Lamplighter in New Ulm. The service was great. We had a very enthusiastic waitress. The food wasn’t worth writing about, so I won’t.


We posed for a group photo before we went our separate ways.

the group

It was about 120 mile ride that took nearly three hours. I enjoyed meeting some other coaches from all around the state. It was a good day of riding, and I look forward to the next one.

Map below from the GPS file:
MMSC Annual Group Ride Route


  1. I, too, like the raised tail photo.

    It does make a difference when folks ride like it is a group ride rather than a "sorta" race. Out of all the group rides that I've enjoyed not enough to look forward to another, the one I was on that was similar to what you described was the most enjoyable.

    Thanks for the share.

  2. Keith: I think I'll have to add the tail photo to my photo-frame. just makes me laugh every time I see it.

    the elusive perfect group ride... so hard to find.

  3. Sounds like fun. Perhaps we'll have to do something like that next year. Instructors are like cops. Gatherings can go either way!

  4. irondad: it was fun and a welcome change from the other group rides I've been on. instructors like cops... they do have their own subculture for sure! I'll take moto-instructors though having spent time with both groups. ridercoaches have a bit less "us vs them" attitude.