Sunday, February 27, 2011

Solar Bear Challenge Wrap-up

The Solar Bear Challenge ended just a few weeks ago on February 14th. I participated after RC62 let me know about it. It was the “sister” challenge to the Polar Bear Challenge (PBC) for those who didn’t live in the right climate to ride below freezing (or didn’t want to).

The basic premise was to find letters that spelled the words “Solar Bear” on street signs and then run around the sign chanting “solar bear”. It was all very silly, and I found it surprisingly fun.

I made four videos for the letters S-O-L-A. You can see them here:

Because I was also participating in the PBC, I wasn’t eligible for the fabulous prize drawing at the end. The drawing was done on video, and was entertaining. Great job Rob! The results from the others are here:

I was surprised when a few days ago RC62 contacted me to get my mailing address. He said he had a few “extras” and wanted to send them out to the other participants. This little guy arrived on Saturday:

Solar Bear Challenge Wrap-up

He came with a little card seen above. This was on the back:

Solar Bear Challenge Wrap-up

Thanks again Rob! It was a fun challenge. I hope you run it again (or something similar) next year.


PS: PBC wrap-up coming soon.


  1. Chris,
    Heather now refers to you as the "Solar Bear Guy". She found the posts you did very entertaining. Especially the one you sunk waist deep in snow. I will show her the wee bear.

  2. I certainly enjoyed your 'Solar Bear dances'. The bear is a very nice gesture for your participation in this - quote: 'silly'- challenge.

  3. Dear Chris Luhman:

    Years ago, there was an enlightened television series imported from Britain called Monty Python's Flying Circus. One of their legendary skits entailed the "Fish Slapping Dance." I equate your current preoccupation with things like the "Fish Slapping Dance," though who am I to wonder if it is any more or less effective.

    I too participate in a dance-related cultural endeavor. It involves an artist, who protests the effects of global warming by wearing only a G-String, while pivoting around a pole. I just wanted you to know thsat I was doing my part. See how you inspire all of us?

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  4. Rob: Thanks again!

    Keith: LOL Solar Bear Guy huh? She liked those more than the polar bear ones huh? My wife did too. The waist deep snow was my fave too.

    SonjaM: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Dom: Yes, fun and silly.

    Dear Jack: Thanks Jack. Your comment made me laugh. Needed that with all this snow and gloom. I also enjoy MP's skits/movies.