Sunday, February 6, 2011

Polar Bear Challenge Update

Since the Polar Bear Challenge (PBC) is almost done (ends 2/14), I thought I’d give a quick update on how things have been going.

I’m in first place for the coldest temp on two (-21F) and three wheels (-5F). Second place is –9F and I have third place at –5F followed by –3F. I’m also unofficially winning the miles category with 917 (before the below video). By comparison, the first place person on two wheels had 607 miles at the last update. I should have 953 miles, but due to a rounding error I have 917 in the PBC. Miles * 0.6 = km is not very accurate compared to miles * 0.621 = km.

Unfortunately, I am the only sidecar in the challenge, so I am winning all three categories there (distance, # of rides, coldest temp). It is very likely I will get the coldest ride on two wheels also since there is just a week left.

Point-wise, I am leading the entire challenge with a huge margin of 2740 points. The second and third place positions are 1123 and 1113 respectively.

Points are awarded for each mile ridden. The colder the ride the more points. 32F = 1.0 points. 31 = 1.1 points and so on down to 0F. No extra points are awarded for subzero temperatures due to a glitch on the judge’s side. Points are just for testing this year and will be the official record next season.

I’ve done two rides on two-wheels and twenty-five rides on three wheels. I’ve been told by the judge that I need to do one more ride to “qualify” in the two wheel group. It’s a bit silly, but I will make one more video to comply.

I’ve skipped many miles of videos over the last few weeks since each one takes at least an hour (usually two) to make. PBC #27 will likely be my last three-wheeled video for this season.

Enjoy the video below:

YouTube PBC #27 video:


  1. My suspicions are confirmed. You really are a reincarnated Ursus maritimus. This latest posting only serves to confirm that fact. Seriously though, I hope you do win the various categories, because you have put a great deal into doing this and your videos are not only fun to watch, but also a testament to your commitment, character, determination to achieve your goals and, lack of sanity.

  2. Gary: Thanks! I recognized Ursus was bear, but needed to google the rest. :) Thank you for the support. I do appreciate it. A guy (RedanWhiteRebel on YouTube) from the UK is likely to win the most miles for the second year in a row. You forgot dubious decision making skills ;) LOL!

  3. Dear Chris (Luhman):

    There is a 46 degree differential between your record cold-weather run, and my best cold-weather day. And I have yet to use my heated gear this winter. I'd love to do a TV documentary on you, following you around in a nice, heated Suburban. Even if we had a eek of warmer weather, the crud on the road would discourage me for riding around on anything other than a trike — which I do not own.

    Congratulations on a great winter or riding!

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  4. Dear Jack: Thanks! winter or riding eh? I wish it was 46 degrees out right now! :) -5F this morning again. It was sunny, so I just turned the gerbing to the max and pretended it was summer. I'm ready for two wheels again. I told my wife about your documentary idea. She just laughed and laughed; I guess you have that affect on women. :) :)