Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More Bike Goodies

Today, more brown boxes arrived with bike goodies. First up is the Haynes R1150GS Service & Repair Manual. I have several of the Haynes manuals already, and I really like them. Bmw R1150GS service and repair manual

After reviewing the manual, I noticed my current torque wrench didn’t go down to 8 newton meters, so I needed a smaller one. I purchased this Craftsman Digitork Torque Wrench. Torque wrenches are expensive! Lucky for me it was on sale! I also noticed I needed some hex head and torx bit sockets to use with the torque wrench. BMW is very fond of both heads on their bolts. With the below I should be able to complete the remaining maintenance items on my list.  New tools

This pile was in front of the house too. Tires for my wife’s GZ250 on the right. The rest of the consumables should be coming soon for the GZ. More moto goodies

The big boxes contained the Aerostich Steel Wheel Crate Workstand. It was on sale from $237 to $165, and on valentines day, they had another special %14 off. For $142, it made sense. I ordered it on 2/14 and received it on 2/15 via regular shipping. Nice!Motorcycle stand

Here’s what it looks like mocked up:Motorcycle stand

With the Super9 on top. It lifts the bike about 12” off the ground. Safety straps should be used. I just wedged the center stand down. to hold it up. More on this later. The BMW is taking up my workspace, so I can’t use it just yet. It also has a 500lbs weight limit and the porky BMW is 550lbs. Motorcycle stand with super9

Here is the stand packed up to store. It doesn’t take up much space.

Motorcycle ramp storage

More exciting maintenance posts coming soon. It’s been warm here lately 33F-50F, so I’ve been riding the Super9 and SV650. My goal is to finish up the BMW by the end of February, so I can make room for the next bike to work on.


  1. Dear Chris Luhman:

    Isn't it amazing how FedEx and UPS make an ordinary day like Christmas?

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  2. Dear Jack Riepe: Yes, it is. Thanks for stopping by!