Friday, February 4, 2011

Motorcycle First Thursday at Dulono’s – February 2011

When I arrived at Dulono’s for Motorcycle First Thursday, I was disappointed to not see any bikes. Just a sea of SUVs, cars, and trucks. One parked right in front of the door which is normally where the bikes park. I was lucky to find a spot in the lot!

First thursday at dulonos

When I got near the door, I found this Yamaha XS400. I forget the year. The rider gets extra points from me for riding two-wheels in this crappy weather. The streets aren’t quite clear from the last snow. He also didn’t use any heated gear. He said he didn’t go over 30MPH and only had a couple miles to go. We had a fun time talking about different bike modifications to stay warm during MN winter riding.

Yamaha at 400 first thursday

Just like last month, I had a fun time talking with friends about bikes and future rides for this up coming season. Many plans for the IMS motorcycle show this weekend were also made. It sounds like it will be a fun time again.

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