Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Projects, Projects, and a Trip

I have been working on too many projects lately. Both the SV60 and the Ural need some attention. The SV650 needs an oil change and the Ural needs one too. I think the Ural also needs a valve adjustment.

I still need to put all these goodies on the WR250R:
WR250R Project Goodies
New bars, hand guards, top clamp, lower clamp, mirrors, levers, heated grips, pro bleeders, and new grips. My current stock bars, levers, and hand guards are quite bent. They are soft like warm cheese. This new setup from Highway Dirtbikes will be very stout and should resist my attempts to bend them while taking soil samples with the bar ends.
Trailer Project
I’m also working on building the above trailer. It’s been slow going as I have been spending most of my time preparing for the Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail (T.W.A.T or TWT) ride July9-13.

The TWT is not actually a marked trail, but a GPS route that crosses Wisconsin North-South. The route is about 550 miles and is unpaved. It uses gravel roads, fire roads, and forest service roads. There are also branches that use ATV and single track trails.

A few guys from the local dualsport club and I were going to do the trail. I was originally going to take the WR250R and we were going to camp. Then when we all decided to hotel instead, I thought it would be perfect to take the Ural and bring my wife. We’re both quite excited!

The basic plan is to leave the Twin Cities on the morning of the 9th (Friday) and take a nice scenic ride down to Dubuque, IA. Saturday Morning we head for Galena, IL and the start of the trail. We should make it to Sparta,WI or perhaps even Black River Falls, WI Saturday night. Then we ride to Clam Lake, WI/Grandview, WI by Sunday night. Monday after lunch, we should arrive at the Apostle Islands, WI and the shores of Lake Superior. The main group will head home from here. My wife and I plan to ride to Bayfield, WI and relax until Tuesday lunch and then head back home.

The total route will be five days and about 1050 miles. 300 down, 550 for the trail, and then about 200 home.
This will be a nice trip to wet our appetite for our big River/Mountain trip in August.


  1. Chris, looks like you have some fun ahead of you! Can't wait to hear what you think about the TWT.

    I'm gearing up for Idaho!!! 2 weeks to departure!

  2. I'm excited for the TWT, and a bit apprehensive. Five days of 200+ miles on the Ural is going to be really hard work. It will be great to have the adventure with my wife with too!

  3. I saw your posts. I am looking forward to your video and photos! :)