Thursday, July 1, 2010

First Thursday – July 2010


Tonight was First Thursday at Dulono’s pizza in Minneapolis. The weather was great and a few thousand bikes showed up. Not the most I’ve seen for such a nice night, but it was quite a few. Everyone seemed to behave themselves and the cops just stood around admiring the bikes like the rest of us. I enjoyed catching up with other motorcyclists. It was a good time all around.

I hope Gary will be in Minnesota on August 1 for the next First Thursday event.

The pocket bikes went through. They were pretty cool:

mini bikes mini bikes 

Interesting purple bike with matching helmet.

purple bike

Loud bike:


Goofy trike with a keg for a gas tank!


Drag bike with a 12” rear tire:

drag bike with 12" rear tire

Two Vincents:


And the crowd:

IMGP7528 IMGP7533 IMGP7535


  1. Wow Chris that looks amazing. 1000 bikes at a pizza place! We just don't have anything quite that size as a regular event in the UK so I would love to see it. I should get to you around the 1st August, so I might just make it....

  2. Gary: I shouldn't post so late without looking at a calendar! The first thursday in August is the 5th not the 1st. Sorry for the confusion. :(

  3. No problem - I am looking forward to meeting and hopefully riding with you anyway.