Friday, June 18, 2010

Video: ZARS: A Lap of DCTC

On June 6th, I attended a Zalusky Advanced Riding School (ZARS) in the beginner 1 group. This weekend I will attend another session with ZARS in the beginner 2 group. It will be my third two-wheeled school this year.

This is a short video of me riding around the track on my SV650.

Vimeo Video:

Youtube Video:


  1. nice video, good "looking into the turn"

  2. Dear Chris:

    Good for you... My program of becomig a better rider just by hanging around with good riders has not yet yielded the expected results. It seems I do have to get on the motorcycle.Very interesting video. I am taking an advanced class for walking with a cane. Not exactly on your level, but we have to grab our victories where we can.

  3. Charlie6: Thanks. It was a fun day.

    Dear Jack: My level of walking with a cane is pretty low. I think you would have more experience in that department. I'm taking classes to make up for my lack of experience. My level is low. I'm in the beginner 2 group!