Friday, June 4, 2010

Givi Rack and V46 Top Case for SV650

I picked this case and rack up yesterday on craigslist for a very good price. The rack is a Givi PLX for a first gen SV650, so it will fit on my 2001 nicely. They stopped making it a few years ago, so it was not too easy to find one. The rack attached to the bike with four bolts, so it should be pretty easy to take on and off.

The case is a Givi Monokey V46. I think it looks quite sharp and matches the colors of my SV650 nicely. It is a bit bigger than the cheapo JC Whitney (JCW) case I have been using. The V46 can hold two helmets easily where the JCW can only do one. They both use the same mount, so I can interchange them!
"new" used Givi v46 case and rack for SV650
The plan is to use this V46 as the top case and my JCW cases as side cases. I’d normally use my Giant Loop Great Basin, but that won’t work for a two up trip. The extra locked, waterproof storage will be handy in the city. The cases come off quickly which will be nice as I am not yet a huge fan of the three case look on a bike. I think I’ll have to rename the SV650 to a SV650MW. MW for mini-wing. :)

UPDATE: Rack install here: Givi PLX Rack Install on 2001 SV650

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