Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kymco Super 9 Rear Tire Replacement

This documents putting on a new Kenda K761 130/70-12 rear tire on my Kymco Super 9. When I purchased the scooter the existing rear tire was badly needing replacement.

Tools Needed:

Step 1: Remove the rear axle nut with the 24mm impact socket. It helps to hold the rear brake with a strip of velcro

Step 2: Get the rear tire off the ground using the center stand or a floor jack if the center stand is missing. The center stand mounts make a good jack point.

Step 3: remove the exhaust muffler by removing the two bolts from the rear fork and the two that attach to the engine. Tools used: 10mm (near engine), 12mm (top), 13mm impact (lower)

Step 4: remove the rear brake caliper by using a 12mm socket on the two caliper bolts. If you used the velcro strap in step 1, remove it now. Do not touch the rear brake lever after removing the caliper from the rotor or else the pads will compress together and make installation impossible. If the pads do compress, use a C-clamp to push the piston back in to make room for reassembly.

Step 5: free the rear brake cable by removing the allen head bolt on the middle cable support and the 10mm on the rear fork

Step 6: secure the rear brake caliper out of the way by using a zip tie to attach it to the lower grab handle.

Step 7: remove the collar with even pulling pressure. I used two flat blade screwdrivers for this

Step 8: remove the rear fork with even pressure

Step 9: remove the axle spacer

Step 10: remove the rear wheel again even pressure helps here.

Step 11: replace the tire on the rim. Rather and write (and show) how bad I am at changing my own tires. These two links helped me learn how to do it:
1) Neduro's Tire Changing Class
2) Easy Tubed Tire Changing (yes, I know the Super9 doesn't have a tube, but it is still a good video)
Here is my old and new:

Step 12: reverse the steps put everything back together. I greased the axle and the rear fork bolts when I reassembled.
Step 13: torque all the bolts to spec:
  • Rear fork bolts: 29.4N-m
  • Rear axle nut: 98.0N-m
  • Two bolts on rear caliper: 34.3N-m
  • engine exhaust bolts: 11.8N-m
Step 14: Fill the rear tire to 28.5 psi for one rider or 32 psi for two.

Enjoy your new rear tire! Remember new tires are slippery for about the first 100 miles and first few heat cycles.