Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kymco Super 9 Front Tire Replacement

This documents putting on a new Kenda K761 120/70-12 front tire on my Kymco Super 9.

Tools needed:

Step 1: Loosen the front axle nut with the 14mm wrench and the 19mm impact socket. I also used the Velcro strip to hold the front brake to make it easier to loosen the nut. After loosening the nut, remove the Velcro strips from the brake lever.

Step 2: Get the front tire off the ground. I used some carabineers from climbing around the handlebars attached to a deer hanging frame and pulley system. I purchased the pulley system from a sporting goods store for about $20 and use it to easily haul tires and other heavy things into my attic.

Step 3: Remove the fender with the Philips screwdriver (optional). You don't have to do this, but I found it easier to work around the tire.

Step 4: Remove the brake caliper (optional). I didn't do this, but I will next time. It was a pain to get the side collar and the speedo pawl lined up while dealing with the rotor and caliper.

Step 5: Remove the axle. I found it helpful to keep my foot under the front tire to keep things steady and lined up.

Step 6: The side collar will likely fall off during step 5. If not, remove it now along with the speedometer gear unit.

Step 7: Replace the tire on the rim. I did learn one tip this time through that was helpful -- I put the tire in front of a space heater on low for about 15 minutes to warm it up. It went on easier than I remember putting the rear tire on.

These two links helped me learn how to change tires:
1) Neduro's Tire Changing Class
2) Easy Tubed Tire Changing (yes, I know the Super9 doesn't have a tube, but it is still a good video) Here is my old and new:

Step 8: Grease the axle, side collar, and speedometer pawl. Then, reinstall the axle. I found it helpful to again have my foot under the front tire as I lined things up. Make sure to line the tabs up on the rim with the grooves in the speedometer pawl. The speedometer assembly also has a slot that fits into the tab on the side of the fork. After reassembling the front axle make sure the tire spins freely.

Step 9: Torque the axle bolt to 49.0 N-m.

Step 10: Check the air pressure and set to 25 psi.

Enjoy your new front tire! Remember new tires are slippery for about the first 100 miles and first few heat cycles.

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