Thursday, October 15, 2009

Riding Around - October 15th

I took the SV650 out on some errands today. It was a moist 44F, so I left the heated gear at home. I didn't trust the Phantom to be waterproof, so I wore my Tourmaster rain suit over it. It kept me dry and it also added an extra wind barrier to keep me warm. It was pretty time consuming to put it all on and take it off, and I'm pretty sure I resembled the Michelin Man.

I also wore my Tourmaster winter gloves. I was surprised I only needed the heated grips for part of the ride. I ended up riding around sixty miles. It was pretty nice to get out and ride the SV again; It is such a different experience from the Super9. I also lubed the chain up after I got home since I'd been riding in the rain for so long.

I purchased a can of ACF-50 anti-corrosion spray today for my bikes, mainly the Super9. It was designed for the aerospace industry and is primarily used on planes to prevent and halt corrosion. I plan on coating my bikes in it to keep the Minnesota salt and winter grime off of them.

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