Monday, August 24, 2015

Road Trip Day #9–Indianapolis MotoGP


Sunday is race day. I arrived early to get a good parking spot and to watch the warm up sessions.


Again, thanks to my very generous friend William, I had a great parking spot next to the museum which made my escape after the races much easier.


I enjoyed watching the warm up near the back straight. One of my favorite parts is after the session ends, the riders stop and practice their starts. It is a great chance to see them a bit closer up in race form. Above is from MotoGP.


Fortunately, this helicopter wasn’t needed during the races. The TV chopper was constantly flying around during the races capturing all the action.


The seat I had overlooks turns 1-4 and parts of 5. I really enjoyed watching the action. The higher altitude afforded a nice cool breeze.


There was some good action at these corners as well during the races. Several passes took place and way too many crashes. All of the crashers I saw were able to stand up and walk away to the cheers of the crowd.


The Moto2 race was the best of the three (Moto3,Moto2, and MotoGP). There was lots of passing and several people swapped for 1st place during the race. The threat of rain made Moto3 interesting. It sprinkled a little just enough to make it interesting for the racers.


I was comfy in my rain gear, so I didn’t mind. I also enjoyed chatting with the guy sitting next to me. He travels a lot, and this was his first race at Indy. We had a fun and good natured time as we cheered for rival riders. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the speedway. I hope to be able to go back again next year.

As soon as the MotoGP race concluded, I ran back to my motorcycle to escape Indianapolis and start riding back towards Minnesota. Having been here a few times now, I was much better prepared to navigate without my GPS since the police were directing traffic.

The rest of the ride back was rather uneventful on I-74. I made it to Dubuque, Iowa after a 300+ mile ride. The hotel had a hot tub which I made very good use of. Exhausted, I went to bed early with the intention of getting up early to enjoy riding the twisty roads of IA and MN on the way home. They didn’t disappoint.


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  1. You captured some great action on the turns. Never been to that raceway.

  2. The overcast skies made for nice picture taking. Looks like you had a good vantage point too.