Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Road Trip Day 3–Memphis, TN

National Civil Rights Museum

I spent the third day of my motorcycle road trip playing tourist and visiting my friend. During the day I went to the National Civil Rights Museum. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it came highly recommended.

National Civil Rights Museum

I looked at the small art gallery, and them pilled into a small room with a bunch of other people. It didn’t look like there was much to see, and at that time, I didn’t realize how big the place was.

I thought about leaving since it felt so small. A movie was about to start, so I joined. I am glad I did!! At the end, the screen opened up a door, and the entrance to the rest of the museum.

National Civil Rights Museum

They started with Africa and the slaves and then moved on through history slowly from the civil war to present. It was intense and very well done. A burning bus.

National Civil Rights Museum

A jail cell MLK spent some time. The bridge. Most the exhibits were interactive and life sized. It ended with the room MLK died in, and then a video about modern day slavery.

National Civil Rights Museum

It was a heavy experience for me, so I’m having a hard time writing something. I really enjoyed it, and would like to go back for another visit. I encourage you to go if you are in the area. It was well worth the time; and I feel like it was one of the best museums I have been to.

There was also a lot of tasty food consumed, but I haven’t written those posts yet. Check the other blog for those updates.

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  1. Chris, I believe I can relate to the experience you've had when visiting the museum. When I visited a German concentration camp words failed me, too. Some things are too hard to understand by generations following after.

    1. That must be an experience. I never took the time to visit one the last couple times I was in germany. I can only imagine the strong feels.