Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What Gear Is Inside Your Gear?

Gear inside Gear

I recently had to empty out my Roadcrafter before I brought it to Aerostich to get repaired. This is the small pile of stuff that came out in roughly the location in the suit.

  1. Velcro pocket (easily removed to take with me)
    1. Insurance card
    2. Extra cash
    3. Spare motorcycle key
  2. Armored shoulder pads
  3. Extra velcro pocket (handy for holding directions. It can be placed inside or outside the suit on the arm.)
  4. Armored elbow pads
  5. Armored hip pads
  6. Heated coat temperature controller
  7. Waterproof glove covers from Aerostich “Crab Claws” (these work quite well)
  8. Armored knee pads
  9. Waterproof boot covers from Aerostich (these work very well allowing me to wear my vented boots more often)
  10. Garage door opener
  11. Waterproof camera (never leave home without it)

Not shown is my armored back protector. I just got some velcro from Aerostich, so I will be mounting it inside to have one less thing to take on and off. Yes, it’s a lot of armor. I like ATGATT (all the gear all the time): helmet, gloves, boots, riding coat & pants. The roadcrafter is waterproof, so I don’t bring extra rain gear anymore. Just the suit, and I’m done.

What gear do you keep in your gear? How much stuff are you wearing inside your gear? Write it up, and I’ll put links to posts below.


  1. Since I ride a maxi-scooter it's not so much in my gear as in the storage under the seat. Just off the top of my head there's a $20 bill, my insurance info, a small first aid kit, a phone charger, bungee cords, my rain suit, a sweater, 2 flashlights, a pen and pad. Probably more but I would have to get off my fat ass and look.

  2. A half-dozen sets of ear plugs, some looking like they are as old as me, insurance cards, registration, extra keys, a cell phone (now I know where that went), emergency cash, a credit card I thought had been stolen, and a half-dozen receipts waiting to be entered into Fuelly. I should do this more often.

  3. I never thought to have emergency cash, but that is a good idea.

    I just have earplugs, small pkg of tissues, cell phone, camera, lip balm, wallet (in the pants pocket)

    Pretty boring really.

  4. I need an Aerostich I guess. I do wallet, cell phone, ear plugs and my DSLR.