Friday, July 5, 2013

LiveMap: Helmet with Navigation

I don’t normally write about startups, but this is a particular product that I’ve wished existed ever since I started using a GPS on a motorcycle. The designers are going for a voice activated experience much like the inside of the ironman helmet from the movies. Cool! I just wish I had the $1500 to get one. Check out the video embedded below.

Indiegogo: LiveMap: Motorbike helmet with navigation

YouTube video:


  1. Interesting idea, but the initial costs are just to damn high. I could see investing in one once the costs become much more reasonable. So? Another 20 years?

    1. I agree they are too much. bluetooth helmets are in the sub $600 range, so I'd guess if this product actually takes off it'll come down into that area in less than 5-7.