Monday, June 27, 2011

Playing with my WR250R Off-road

Playing with my WR250R off-road

I finally had the chance to get play off-road this year. Yes, I know I rode my Ural on many frozen lakes which is also off-road, but that was three wheels. It was nice to get out in the forest on a bike. I quickly realized two things. One, I am out of shape and was out of breath way to fast. Two, I am way out of practice which caused number one.

Playing with my WR250R off-road

I wasn’t very efficient or relaxed at first. After a few minutes of riding standing up, I became more relaxed. I still wasn’t very efficient which contributed greatly to getting tired too quickly!

Playing with my WR250R off-road

I was wearing my Alpinestars S-MX Bionic armor underneath my Tourmaster coat (with the armor removed). I think after I get to the forest next time, I will find a way to strap my road-coat to the back of the bike, maybe with a bungee net. I got pretty overheated even though I had all my vents open and it was only 75F.

There was a lot of water around, and many of the trails were under water.

Playing with my WR250R off-road

I rode for about an hour, and then I headed home exhausted with a big grin.

I acquired a bunch of mud, so I gave the WR its first bath of the year too.

Playing with my WR250R off-road Playing with my WR250R off-road

Enjoy the short video I made of the day:

YouTube Video: Playing with my WR250R Off-road


  1. Nice ride. I like the different camera positions, makes the vid much more lively. Thank you.

  2. Nice video and the multiple camera positions add a lot. Must be a whole lot more work to take and edit though...

    After showing the huge "puddle" I thought there would be a shot of you blasting through it (or skimming across the surface).

  3. SonjaM: Thanks! It was nice to finally get out in the dirt again. I'm glad you liked the different camera angles. They took a surprising amount of time.

    RichardM: Glad you liked it! The multiple angles are a lot of work since I only have the one GoProHD. I thought of bringing my DSLR with, but didn't have a safe way to bring it. I didn't want to use a backpack either.

    I thought about the puddle, but I didn't know how deep it was. I didn't *need* to cross it, so I chickened out and went the long way around. If I would have been with someone else, I might have tried it. Getting suck in the forest alone wasn't a fun thought.

  4. Chris, looks like you had a blast! As the others day, nice mix of camera angles.

    How did you prop up the gopro camera for the shots of you riding by?


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    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  5. Dom: thanks! it was a fun time. I used this: to mount to trees and on the ground. It's VERY useful. It also holds my DSLR. I gave the copy of PRE8 to a friend as a gift.

  6. Very nice camera work, I need to get a dirt bike too. I won't attempt anything like this on my Tenere, whenever I get it, but a 250 or 400 would be perfect ;-)

  7. George F: You could get something like a WR250X and then get the "R" dirk wheels or get the WR250R and then get the "X" super-moto wheels. Two bikes in just the time it takes to swap wheels.