Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vlog–Ural Returns (Video)

Here is a short video blog (vlog) I made about the Ural and getting it back for my youtube audience. At the end, I show some footage of “flying the chair” Enjoy!

YouTube Video:


  1. Did they replace the final drive housing or repair it? And would another Ural dealer still honor the warranty on the final drive? That was a great video and especially the part near the end.

  2. RichardM: replaced parts as needed. It was done by the lead factory guy at Ural, so I don't see why it won't be covered or did I not understand your question?

    The end was fun. I realized I was a bit out of practice, so went to practice :)

  3. great video Chris, though 102 degrees is a tad warm....make sure you get some serious miles on that rebuilt FD to make sure all is well.


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  4. Dom: Yes, 102 is a bit warm. It's not to hot to ride -- just too hot to stop riding :)

    I need to learn to adjust my alignment first. It has been pulling to the right again. Then perhaps I will take a longer trip with it in July.