Tuesday, May 24, 2011

RiderCoach Training: Day 6 - RCPC

Sunday was day six of ten for the MSF RiderCoach Prep Course (RCPC). We spent almost the entire day outside working on range exercises and finally finished our first round of peer-teaching.

It rained most the day again, but I was comfortable in my rain suit. In the afternoon, the sun came out between rain showers which made the suit a bit hot. It was pretty easy to take on and off. There were tornados in the area, but we didn’t see any.

We finished Sunday with a mid-course review/evaluation. My instructors are happy with my performance and progress. I am too. I still need to work on the range transitions and cone layouts, but that will come with more practice.

Most of us were pretty exhausted on Sunday. The schedule is a bit frantic as there is a lot of material to cover between the MSF curriculum and Minnesota statute. Many of the other students were following a similar schedule to mine:

  • wake up
  • get to class around 7:30ish
  • class until 5-6pm
  • dinner with other students
  • back to the hotel to study and do homework until late
  • sleep
  • repeat

The ride home was fantastic. I think it was mid 60s and clear skies with dark clouds on the horizon (no rain on me!). Sunset at the back and a giant double rainbow in the direction I was riding. The lilacs smelled so sweet. It was so great to get on the bike and just ride after such a busy weekend.

While it has been a ton of work, I have been enjoying almost all of it. I head back to to Hutchinson tomorrow for the last weekend of the RCPC. My plan is to leave after work and head straight there like I did last weekend. One of the instructors mentioned they may repaint part of the range Wednesday evening, and I’d like to be there to help (and learn).

The regular RCPC resumes again Thursday morning at 8am!


PS: Sorry for the late post. After I got home on Sunday, it was chores (mowing, laundry, etc). Gonna need a vacation after this class is over!

PPS: I also apologize to my blogging friends as I have been too busy to read your posts. I look forward to reading about all of your adventures after this weekend when I get back to a somewhat normal schedule. :)


  1. Wow, tough schedule. I am feeling exhausted while catching up on your posts. So, is that it or is there more training to come?

  2. SonjaM: I'm also feeling exhausted :) Four more days left of the RiderCoach Prep Course. Multiple tests this weekend too. Then in June and July I will be mentored as I teach an entire course of real students!