Thursday, May 19, 2011

RiderCoach Training: Day 3 – RCPC

I’m back in Hutchinson, MN for more RiderCoach training. Here’s a picture from my window. Much nicer than last weekend, I only had a parking lot to look at. The farm buildings appear to be abandoned. The weather is mostly cooperating so far; it looks like it might rain for most of the weekend.

View from Hotel in Hutchinson, MN

We finished the first day of the RiderCoach Prep Course (RCPC) today which was day three of the ten days of RiderCoach training. I’m enjoying the experience. The other students are a fun, eclectic bunch.

We have one different coach this week, Pete has swapped places with Jay to join Steve. Pete, like Steve, is also excellent. His enthusiasm for motorcycling and coaching was readily apparent. He also told an interesting story of riding to Hyder, AK “just for lunch”. Two and half days there, lunch, and then return. Cool.

We spent most of of the day familiarizing ourselves with the different classroom and range lessons and the objectives laying the basic foundation for us to learn how to facilitate the learning and manage the material/class. We also spent time on the rules of conduct. We covered a LOT of material. I rarely take notes, but I had a full sheet by the end. The day went very fast for me. We took breaks every hour, and it still flew by.

Minnesota is a bit different than other MSF states as we usually have the classroom section in one chunk on a week night and then the range on a half day both Saturday and Sunday. This allows for running two classes (AM/PM) on the same range over the weekend getting more students on the bikes. The normal MSF is a Sat/Sun with classroom and range on both days.

Going through the BRC twice now as a student, it was just smooth and seamless -- non-stop learning. Seeing it from the coach perspective is eye-opening. There is a lot of work going on behind the scenes. I see time-management as a potential issue for me. There is a lot of material to cover and the schedule doesn’t have a lot of extra time for deviation – especially in the classroom.

Tomorrow will be interesting as we begin peer teaching – we each run a section of the curriculum with the other RiderCoach Candidates (RCCs) as the students. This will be our first taste using the material. It should be fun. Time to go study up on my lesson plan for tomorrow!

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    1. Time management in a BRC is always an issue. Some coaches think students are entertained with long, personal stories about riding and crashing and looking cool, but they need to be riding, not listening. I spent last weekend with two coaches who couldn't get moving to save their lives. When you are being outworked by a 63 year old arthritic cripple (me), you're close to useless.

    2. When I took the BRC here in AK, it was done the same way. Classroom on Thursday evening and range on Saturday and Sunday morning.

    3. My wife is going to go through the BRC soon Chris....would have been cool for you to be the instructor.


      Redleg's Rides

      Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

    4. Dear Chris:

      I should rent myself out to Rider Coach classes as the perfect simulated problem student. My other half just yelled in that I could also rent myself out to "Motor Coach" classes as a bus. I get no respect in this house.

      Congratulations on your alternate career.

      Fondest regards,
      Jack • reep • Toad
      Twisted Roads

    5. Anonymous: Yes, time management will be fun. I've been trying to track my time with a stop-watch to stay focused. As one instructor put it, "if the wheels aren't moving, they ain't learning" and of course the old classic "read the cards" :)

      RichardM: Neat. I think it's the most efficient use of the range space to do the range/class room on different days.

      Dom: Cool! Is she going to start riding too? I've been so swamped with homework, I haven't been able to read any blogs. I see I am a few posts behind on yours now. :(

      Probably more fun for you ;) I could see you snapping pics and making a youtube video of me coaching! :)

      Dear Jack: ahahaha! maybe another way to expand your career in the motorcycle industry! the other coaches can be pretty awesome problem students when they want to.

      Thanks for the encouragement Jack! Now back to studying.

    6. Interestingly the Texas Course i took some 10+ years ago was the same way with the course work over a couple of nights and then multi-riding groups on the weekend. Also like the idea of 1:12th models... that they didn't have in my course.

    7. William: Lots of work, but fun so far. I need to go shopping and get a couple models for when I teach solo :)