Monday, November 22, 2010

Winter Commuting – November 22

I’ve been riding the Ural to work for the past week or so instead of the R1150GS because of the snow and ice. It’s been hovering in the mid teens with a hot streak of 27F this morning.

Snow and Trees

Last week, it snowed nearly six inches and was a lots of fun to ride in.  It’s nearly all melted now because of the freezing rain over the weekend.

Today, it’s been trying to snow, but unfortunately still more of the freeing slush mix. The weather-guessers think we’ll get an inch of accumulation by the time I leave work. I hope they’re right. It would make the ride home much more fun to have some snow! *fingers crossed*

The Ural’s fairing kept me warm and dry on the commute in this morning. Still no electrics yet other than the heated grips. The fairing is doing a great job deflecting the cold wind.

I stopped at Lake Josephine this morning to take a couple photos.

Ural at Lake Josephine, Roseville, MN in November

I’ve been there a few other times.

I can’t wait until I can do this again: (probably another month)

Ural on Lake Josephine

The sign is right! Very thin ice that doesn’t even cover the whole lake.

Thin Ice Sign

I think these geese are helping to keep the ice at bay.

Geese in Lake Josephine

While I was stopped to take photos, the snow started to collect on the sidecar cover:

Snow collecting on the sidecar cover

The K335s are working great:

K335 on Ural

A fun ride into work. I was a bit sad I didn’t leave earlier. I could have used a bit longer ride.


  1. We are having freezing rain now and the town is starting to shut down. City and school busses have stopped running and those without studded tires or chains are ending up in ditches all around town.

    Nice shot of the Ural near the lake. Hopefully the temperatures drop a bit for a safer ride home.


  2. Wow.. it's 70 degrees here today, but the a rainy cold front is moving in. It was 67 when I left this morning..

  3. RichardM: We had the freezing rain most of Sunday. We don't typically get enough of it to warrant studded tires for me, but they provide awesome traction. The temps dropped to 22F and the mush turned to snow. Everyone was driving like it was still icy, but it wasn't. I took the long way home. It was fun.

    Bash3r: Yea... I saw. I have St. Louis, MO on my phone's weather still. Chicago was in the 60s. Still liking your Versys?

  4. Well Chris....sorry....I'm not going to ride in the snow Ural or not!! But I'm sending cold thoughts your way so the water will freeze and you can go!!!

  5. I'm jealous Chris, I hope to have my own Ural Natasha back by Thanksgiving....


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  6. Eve: LOL! With the right gear, you wouldn't be cold at all. Just like with the right summer gear you don't get too hot. Clear, sunny skies today. no snow yet. maybe tomorrow. ;)

    Dom: *fingers crossed* for you. It's good it happened at the beginning of the winter season instead of next month. Too bad it took so long though.

  7. You're an excellent salesman for that Ural. This post is seductive and the pictures are great!

  8. Sharon: Thanks! If only I got paid by Ural :)