Friday, November 12, 2010

Veterans Day Bike Work

Yesterday was Veterans Day which means no work for me! I slept in a bit and then did some chores. Most of them involved working on the bikes. The Ural was almost overdue for an oil change, so I did that first.

Ural Oil Change Ural Oil Change

While the oil was dripping out, I started on removing the stickers from the BMW.


IMG_7982 IMG_7983

I saw this one and just had to post it for our favorite Canadian blogger :)


Quite a while later, I finally got all the stickers off. A hair dryer, sharp finger nail, and some carb cleaner took care of business.

IMG_7988 IMG_7990

I decided to leave the reflective tape on.


One of the stickers wasn’t actually a sticker, but a patch attached with two gallons of glue:


It’s a 35th International BMW Owners Rally patch from 2007 which was in Wisconsin.

With the stickers removed, I attached the side cases to the bike. They didn’t want to go on at first. One of the lower supports was bent. Probably dropped by the previous owner. I bent it back and then the right side fit.

IMG_8006 IMG_8007

Chores done, I took it out for a ride to run some errands.

Bmw r1150gs with luggage getting groceries

The BMW side cases are kind of puny. I can’t put my helmet in either of them. I also can’t get a full bag of groceries in there either (about a half bag on the left and 3/4 on the right). I going to start watching craigslist for a cheap givi rack, so I can use my side cases from the SV650 on the R1150GS.

I took today off too to make it a four day weekend! I have some last minute winter things to finish on the Ural. It might finally snow this weekend!


  1. I, too, was off work yesterday. Today? No.

    In addition to a long ride yesterday I did get the battery wired to receive my battery tender. So all I have to do now is remove a cap and plug it in. I'm thinking I can handle that :)

    The weather continues to be absolutely phenonmenal here. It looks like some rain tonight and tomorrow....but, no snow. I can say without a doubt I'm not looking forward to snow with anywhere near your enthusiasm.


  2. The 2011 National BMW RA rally is going to be in Chippewa Falls, WI. Its just short ride over the border. 4th of July weekend if I remember correctly.

  3. Keith: Nice that you had the holiday too. I spent too much time wrenching and not enough time riding. Lots of snow outside now!

    Kevin: Awesome! I just put it on the calendar. The International one is in PA which is also relatively close :)

    RA Rally:

    2011 BMW MOA International Rally: