Sunday, April 25, 2010

Slime Power Sport Tire Inflator Review

Slime Power Sport Tire Inflator Review

In an effort to be more prepared and to compliment my tire plug kit, I recently purchased the Slime Power Sport Tire Inflator from Amazon for $29 with free shipping!

The Slime Tire Inflator is a small piece of gear which comes self contained in a handy zip up pouch. It measures about 2” x 6” x 6” and weighs roughly 2.2lbs (or 5cm x 15cm x 15cm and 1kg for you metric folks).

Slime Power Sport Tire Inflator Review

Inside the case, the cables are neatly held in a re-usable plastic bag. After I took everything out, I decided not to keep the bag and instead just use the tie wraps. Besides the power cables and pump, it comes with a little tire gauge. My was cracked in half upon arrival. I’m not going to get it replaced since I have a much nicer gauge. It’s not worth the shipping hassle.

Slime Power Sport Tire Inflator Review

Slime Power Sport Tire Inflator Review

All of the connectors in the kit are SAE2 which is the same as the common battery tender connection I have on all of my bikes. It also comes with its own battery harness and a cigarette adapter which should work nicely with the Ural.

Slime Power Sport Tire Inflator Review

The included SAE2 extension cable will easily allow the pump to reach any tire on your bike.

Slime Power Sport Tire Inflator Review

The air hose attaches on the side near the power switch. I was easily able to attach it and tighten it by hand. You could really crank it down with a 12mm wrench, but I didn’t find that necessary.

Slime Power Sport Tire Inflator Review

Here is the pump with both the extension and air hose hooked up. Very simple to use.

Slime Power Sport Tire Inflator Review

The air hose has an easy quick release attachment, but the fitment was a bit tight on my Yamaha which I used to test it. After a bit of pushing, I was able to get it to seat correctly and seal tightly. It works great on all my bikes.

The pump is not as loud as my other battery operated air pump (ear plugs needed) or my AC air compressor. It isn’t quiet either. It vibrates quite a lot while it’s on, but it gets the job done. It is also not fast, but again, it gets the job done. It’s small size is the main advantage. With a little re-arranging, I will be able to make it fit underneath my rear seat on the SV650.


  1. Small size
  2. Cheap price ($29)
  3. Lots of 12V connection options included
  4. It works!


  1. Not very quiet
  2. Not very fast - It took about 8 minutes to fill up a tire
  3. The air hose connections get pretty hot after a few minutes of use
  4. Tire gauge came broken

Overall, I am happy with my purchase of the Slime Power Sport Tire Inflator. Its small size will make it easy to carry on the bike to keep my tires inflated to their correct spec. I would buy it again.


UPDATE: October 20, 2010: I’ve used my slime inflator many times this year and it is still running strong. I carry it almost every time I ride. It has been very handy and saved me from being stuck with a flat. I also updated the post with an extra con #3. I would still buy it again.

UPDATE: June 8, 2013: I am still using my slime inflator. It works great, and I would buy it again. I’ve been thinking of buying another one, so I don’t have to keep moving it between bikes. I carry it on nearly every ride. It has been very handy.

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  1. I am beginning to like these short instruction videos. What with you, Charlie6 and Bobscoot doing them, I am feeling left out. I might need to do one now that our small gang of GoPro-ers are all doing it!

  2. Thanks Gary. The videos are fun, but a pain to edit and upload. I made this one with my T2i as it's a much better camera for static shots like the above. I'll be waiting for your next video... :)

  3. Chris:

    I like the idea of carrying a small 12v air compressor. I have one under the seat but I am exploring more options to make it more convenient. I read somewhere that one person got a model and took the plastic off. Then it was very small and then Hose clamped it somewhere out of the way.

    I can't wait for Gary's video, I just love UK accents. They talk funny over there, drive on the wrong side too

    Wet Coast Scootin

  4. Chris - I cannot believe how long they take to upload. My 10 minute vids take about 8 hours. I had one fail 3 times during the upload last week, so it took about one and a half days to upload it. Groan. I have just seen your Flood Run video on YouTube. Very cool. 20,000 bikes!

  5. Bob: Yea, I think it adds some piece of mind and will make it less of a hassle to check the tires. Especially when I'm on my dual sport as I change the pressures when off road, and it'll be nice to put them back up for the freeway home.

    LOL! Have we heard Gary talk in a video yet? Upside down Canada they are ;)

    Gary: They are a pain to upload. Since I've started using this URL at Youtube: I haven't had problems with them failing. Give it a try! Glad you liked the video. I'm still writing the post... hopefully today!

  6. Dear Chris:

    I have carried a tire compressor as part of my tool kit for about 5 years now.I have only had to use it to inflate the tires on other guy's bikes. The god of flat tires is delighted I worship him by being prepared, so I haven't had a flat yet.

    I used to carry an Airman "Sparrow,"which I bought for $30. But it caught fire blowing up a Harley Tire. So now I carry a Cycle Pump, which is the official gear used by Her Majesty's Marines. It was $100. I bet they don't get flats either. Have you looked at an EZ tire pressure gauge. These are a delight to use and making gtting precise air pressures in a tire less than a snap.

    Nice post and video today.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  7. I have decided to get one of these tire inflators, based on your posting. Thanks for the info!

  8. Jack: You're doomed now. You bragged about not getting a flat. I did that in 2009 and just days later I was staring at a flat tire on the Ural.. BTW: it was really cold and dark too.

    I did purchase the EZ tire gauge when you mentioned it to Sharon. It's nice! It works great with this pump and my air compressor at home. I hope to write something up on it soon.

    Gary: Nice! I'm glad I could help. It has been handy so far. I just used it this morning to top off the Ural's tires.

  9. My husband has the Slime kit too. I love its compact size. Great review!