Friday, April 16, 2010

Lilydale Road Reopened


Yesterday, I took the Super9 out to play. I had fun practicing taking different pictures with the T2i. These three turned out rather well. I still have a ways to go in reading the manual and a lot to learn! It has been quite fun so far.


After work today, I took the SV650 down Lilydale Road. The road runs along the Mississippi River near downtown St. Paul. Due to the recent flooding it has been closed for the last few weeks and under several feet of water. A friend mentioned it was open, so I had to go take a look.

Smith Ave Bridge from Lilydale Road

The bridge above is the Smith Avenue Bridge also known as the “high bridge”. It is over 160 feet tall which is the highest bridge in St. Paul. The photo was taken from Lilydale Road.

Lilydale is still covered in dirt even though there are obvious signs that they have been trying to clean it. It’s quite a beautiful ride with the river on one side and Pickerel Lake on the other. The road itself is quite straight and not very exciting, but it feels like you’re riding down the river. Very scenic.

For these videos I used my new RAM handlebar mount with the GoProHD. It was a little bumpy, but I think acceptable. The GoPro chest mount is still my favorite. What do you think? What camera angle should I try next time?

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  1. Chris, I love your videos! The bumpiness of the road didn't take away from the viewing at all! I always have a smile when I view these! You so inspire me to get my dang cam mounted properly so I can use it. As I sit here nursing a bad case of hives, you have lifted my way up! Thanks. I'm looking forward to getting to MN this ride season. I hope we can connect.

  2. Sojourner: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy them!! I hope you're feeling better. We had some beautiful riding weather this weekend 70F and sunny.

    It would be great to connect with you this summer. Either in MN or somewhere else.

  3. Hey, Chris, MN is definitely on my list. I've got a few issues to clear up here first but I'm definitely heading in that direction. We will meet before the season ends. Thanks!

  4. Your season or mine?! :) I'm looking forward to it.