Friday, April 2, 2010

First Thursday – April 2010


Last night was First Thursday at Dulono’s Pizza. With only a few bikes in March, this was a huge event with hundred of motorcycles. It was a near record braking 81F! We’ve had really nice weather the last couple days, but the next week is all rain and 60F.

On the ride down to Minneapolis, I saw this motorcyclist sitting on the side of the road. I stopped and we chatted for a bit. His name was Adam, and it was his first ride of 2010. He ran his GS500F out of gas. He said he tried to start it, but it wouldn’t stay running. We checked the tank and there was still a bit of gas left. I told him I thought he dried out his carb, so we put it to prime. He said he had a friend on the way and didn’t want to try starting it anymore. I wished him luck and went on my way.

Adam and his out of gas GS500F

There were bikes everywhere. They filled the surrounding streets in every direction for two blocks. April was almost as busy as July or August.



After I pulled into the Dulono’s lot, I turned around and saw this heavily modified 2000 Ural.

IMG_03532000 Ural

I like his modifications: winch, water carrier, gas carrier, ammo can, machine gun mount, the painted on bullet holes, and the painted on machine guns. It was quite rusty because he also rides it year round in the salty Minnesota winters.

Charlie6 was mentioning VW trikes, so here you go:

VW TrikeVW Trike

A nice BMW R50/5:

BMW R50/5

I like the paint job on this SV1000:


Antique Harley Davidson:

Old Harley Davidson

Boss Hoss vs NSU: (I prefer the NSU)

Boss Hoss vs NSU

I really thought this bike was well done. Perhaps I should copy his theme for my Ural:

Custom Military Sport BikeCustom Military Sport Bike

A VERY confused KLR:

Confused KLR

I left around 9pm and it was still packed! I also apparently left minutes before they started giving away free pizza.


I had a great time looking at all the bikes and catching up with friends. I tried to get some video, but the GoPro made some really grainy footage at night that isn’t worth watching. The full Flickr set is here.


  1. I like the "Flying Tiger" markings on that motorcycle....

  2. Yes, the "Flying Tiger" was one of my favorites. I also liked his matching helmet and coat.